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How to be Self-Disciplined – 7 Sneaky Techniques

By David Burlon
Published in Business and career
July 28, 2023
3 min read
How to be Self-Disciplined – 7 Sneaky Techniques

Being self-disciplined in life is a vital element in achieving success. In this post we give you seven of the best ways to help you become more self-disciplined. Most successful people are accomplished in these arts.  It plays a key role in almost every aspect of your life. We can see around us that people with self-discipline seem to live a much better life than those without it.

Most of us know what we need to do, but that’s not enough. Discipline is when we know what we need to do and we do it. No matter how hard it seems. Discipline is what will take you from where you are in life to where you actually want to be.

Self-Discipline in Your Life Begins With The Mastery Of Your Thoughts. If You Can’t Control What You Think, You Can’t Control What You Do.

Right, so we’ve established discipline is important. So how do we get some more of it? Well, like anything else in life, discipline can be improved and learned. Here we will list the 7 best ways to become self-disciplined.

How To Be Self Disciplined In Life

#1 Set Clear Objectives

I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over again. Setting clear objectives is key, you should have a realistic vision of what you would like to achieve. You should likewise have a plan that tells you the exact steps needed to achieve your goal.

If we don’t consider this, and we start us without a fixed plan of what we want to achieve, we can lose our motivation very easily.

You need to be decisive and make a decision. Then you should divide your plan into different steps. You should make your efforts in passing those steps and to move closer to your goal. That way you remove all ambiguity from your goal and all your mental energy is used on actually achieving your goal.

#2 Know your Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses. It can be anything. It can be food and it can be excessive use of social media. It can be video games or even a bit of cheeky Netflix.

Basically, our weaknesses may stop us from doing the thing we really want to do. And if we understand our weaknesses, it will be much easier for us to work on them.

So when you have that important report you need to complete, and you feel your weakness of social media creeping in, you can quickly notice it, and stop it before it gets a chance to change your actions.

#3 Don’t Over Complicate Things

As a human being, we sometimes try to be to be over complicating things. Sometimes what we need to achieve is pretty simple, but we make it much harder than it actually needs to be. The more complicated we make things, the harder it will be for us to do it in the moment. It will just be too much mental energy for us.

#4 Remain Patient in Times of Stress

Stress can cause us to lose patience. In that moment of stress, we may fall into a behavior that doesn’t align with our goals and our vision. This can be called an escape behavior. It is your body trying to escape the feeling of discomfort.

However, the feeling of stress will fade away if we ignore it. If you just push through those feelings, and you don’t give in to an escape behavior, your future self will thank you. And you will realize it’s not actually that bad.

#5 Visualize Results

Nothing motivates someone more than a reward they will get out of it. When we want to achieve something, we need to think about what we will actually achieve, and this needs to be in great detail.

So, for example, if you need to get to the gym, think about the amazing body you will have if you’re consistent. When you visualize that goal, you are much more likely to push through because the reward seems much more real to you in that moment.

#6 Make it a Habit

Although white-knuckle willpower sometimes works, it will be beaten by habits every time. Forming habits is probably the easiest way to be disciplined in the long run. If you do something for 62 days it becomes a habit. This means your body will just do it naturally.

Some might find it hard to actually get to that 62-day mark, so a trick you can use is starting with something easy and working your way up. For example, if you’re a writer, you can start by writing 15 minutes a day, then move up to 20, then 25, you get the idea.

#7 Eat healthily and often

The things about being self-disciplined in life is if you do it in one area of your life. It usually reflects on others. One thing you can and should be doing is eating healthy. When you teach yourself the discipline to eat healthy, you find that you will be making better decisions that will benefit you in the long run.

Also, eating healthy will benefit you in general. You will have more energy and you will feel better too!

Bottom Line

Self-discipline is the one thing that separates those who achieve and those who don’t. Learning to control can be the most important factor to changing our lives for the better. If you find it hard to be self disciplined in your life, hopefully these 7 tips will help you.


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