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Why Working Remotely Just Makes Sense

By David Burlon
Published in Business and career
July 28, 2023
4 min read
Why Working Remotely Just Makes Sense

Working remotely is increasing faster than you may think. Working remotely has had a positive impact on the productivity of the workers as it gives them more independence.

We live in a day and age where things really have changed a lot. Even the way companies are employing staff is changing day by day. People want to work from home and it’s becoming apparent that there is no good reason for companies not to allow employees to work from home.

Also known as telecommuting, it is so useful for both employees and company. Companies prefer that the workers use their own resources, internet and working space as this costs the company money. On the other hand, employees prefer that they make their own schedule and they don’t have to travel to an office and sit in a fixed seat and work from 9 to 5. By following their own routine workers manage to give much more to the company as they are able to take care of themselves too. In this post, we will list the 8 great benefits of working remotely.

1. Working from home will increase employee productivity

When you allow a worker to work from home and to telecommute their productivity increases. They won’t have to worry about getting to the office on time or missing the train. This allows the employees to concentrate on the work far more efficiently.

Also, it saves time since they don’t have set breaks and going and the commute time is no longer existent. The employee can better manage their own breaks as they understand their schedule will breaks at a right time, while at the same time completing all the work that needs completing.

2. Working remotely will save both time and money

So, as stated in the previous point, you will certainly save time working from home. Since you do not have to travel there is no commute time. You don’t really waste time waking up early, to get your suit and tie on, I mean you could work in your pajamas all day. This gives you more time to actually do the work you’re paid to do.

Saving time goes hand in hand with saving money. First of all, travel expenses are greatly reduced. Secondly, keeping up with a few new suits every once in a while may be costly.

Also, let us not forget, when working from home you will probably spend less money on food as you have everything in your kitchen. Whereas at work you will be more inclined to buy a coffee and a bagel every morning.

3. Working from home leads to less sick days for employees

As you know, when you work in an office you have to follow a schedule and being human, it’s eventually going to be tough on you. You will get sick, many workers tend to get sick by the heavy workload at the office hours.

So, eventually, they take a leave and don’t work.

On the other hand when you work from home. You will balance everything according to your health. The chances of falling sick decreases by a lot. You can work consistently for a long period of time, It will help you to decrease your absent rate. This will obviously benefit you and the company you work for.

4. Working remotely gives you more opportunities to learn

Another benefit of working remotely is the fact that you will have the chance to learn more. How will that happen I hear you ask? Well, then follow your own schedule and you finish on time, you will have more time for personal development.

On the other hand in an office situation, if you finish on time you will get assigned more work, this is what leads to many employees dragging their workload. So, in other words, working from home allows you to push for free time so you can improve yourself and in turn improve the effectiveness throughout your job.

5. Working remotely is more eco-friendly

This really ties in with a lot of the other points on this list, working from home is great for the environment. Yep, that’s one you can tell your boss. On top of the fact that you won’t be driving to work, releasing pollution into the atmosphere, there is also a lot of power being utilized to run the workplace, alongside office gear, and cash spent on office supplies, similar to paper and ink.

Maybe as an individual that won’t make much of a difference, but a company with a large workforce of remote workers will certainly be better for the environment.

As a remote boss, every individual from your workforce who telecommutes enormously lessens his carbon impression by not commuting into the workplace. It’s in your hands!

6. Working from home leads fitter and healthier staff

With additional time and energy in their workday, many telecommuters frequently push themselves towards more physical exercise, in comparison to the typical office worker. This is, of course, understandable, as they have that extra energy and they need to output it somewhere. This will lead to better efficiency in their work as a healthier staff is a happier staff.

7. Working remotely increases staff loyalty

When you give your workers the trust and capacity to work as they please and to adjust their professional life and their own life according to whats comfortable for them, a fascinating thing happens: they end up noticeably appreciative.

So, their appreciation shows itself as reliability towards the organization. A dependable staff gives extraordinary efficiency and excellent turnover.

Your staff will appreciate the trust you have put in them and they will want to return the favor. They will work harder for you, and you will have more results.

So to conclude…

Remote work may not be completely new, but rather it is a positive pattern developing in the world of work. As remote work turns into the new standard, it’s essential that experts and managers have the assets and hardware to associate and work together with their group.\ Surely, Remote work gives your workers more freedom to do the work in their own way. Just because things have always been done a certain way doesn’t mean its the best way, maybe it’s time to incorporate working remotely into your business or organization.


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