5 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

A calendar can be the most important part of your smartphone. It’s what helps you organize yourself, both at work and at home. It’s probably one of the most important productivity tools out there! So, does it not make sense to put in a bit of effort to find one that suits you best?

Of course, we do have the default apple calendar app however for a lot of people that simply doesn’t cut it. There’s plenty of apps that surpass the apple calendar app in both features and functionally. So, without further delay let’s get into it. We’ve searched far and wide to find you the top Calendar apps you can get for your iPhone.

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Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

#1 Calendar 5 by Readdle

When you first launch calendar 5 you are asked if you would like to sync with your other calendars. The process is very simple and smooth. You can enter new events by pressing the big + button on the calendar.

With calendar 5 you can plan your day, week and month. The app is great in terms of user experience and can be used on the iPad as well as the iPhone. Some of calendar 5’s top features include, the ability to work both online and offline, the ability to create events with Siri, color coding options for events, and the ability to hide calendars you do not need. Overall Calendar 5 is an impressive and easy to use calendar which looks great as well. Definitely worth a try.

Key Points:

  • Can sync with all your other calendars
  • Easily create new events
  • Smooth user experience
  • Works on iPhone and iPad
  • Can color code events
  • Works online and offline
  • Can create new events with Siri
  • Can invite people to events that you create
  • Works both online and offline

#2 Fantastical 2

This calendar app is one that can truly replace your iOS calendar. The reason this app is so great and intuitive is because it focuses on upcoming events in a list view, which keeps that view active no matter what layout you’re looking at the app from. This includes a weekly and a monthly point of view. The list glance with the overall calendar work well together. It works for the iPhone, iWatch and the iPad. And even takes advantage of force touch.

You can now download Fantastical 2 on your Mac, so that covers the whole Apple spectrum. One of the apps best feature is the ability to create events using natural language. This essentially lets you type how you would normally speak. The app interprets what you mean and from that creates a calendar item.

Key points:

  • Allows you to constantly see a list view
  • Works on all apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac)
  • Takes advantage of force touch
  • Natural speech can be used
  • Clean layout

#3 Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar is available for the iPhone for free. It lets you do all the basic things you would expect from a calendar and more! The app can be synced with other calendars out there such as Google Calendar and the default iPhone calendar. It can also create reminders through the app of email.

You can even opt in for the pro version with gives you additional features on top of what you would get with the free version. The pro version is $7 and gives you the ability to export events, create reoccurring events and invite other people to events. You also get access to additional themes, so you can change the look and feel of your calendar

Key Points:

  • Available on iPhone
  • Sync with other calendars
  • Reminders through app and email
  • Pro optional upgrade

#4 Google Calendar

Google calendar is a good choice, especially if you’re already invested in the Google ecosystem. For example, if you have a g-mail email address then google calendar will work seamlessly with that. You can set reminders easily and you can sync with many other calendar apps. Also, google calendar is free and works with both android and iPhones.

Key Points:

  • Good if you already use a lot of Google products
  • Set reminders easily
  • Can sync with other calendars
  • Works on iPhone as well as Android

#5 Outlook

While outlook has been around for a while it is still a top contender. I know what you’re thinking, outlook is an email app. However as some of you may know outlook acquired sunrise and now outlook has that built in, and it does actually work pretty well. It isn’t perfect by any means, but it does have a lot of unique benefits. For example, you can incorporate 3rd party apps like Evernote and Wunderlist.

Key Points:

  • Acquired Sunrise and incorporated some of its good features into Outlook
  • Ability to incorporate 3rd Part apps like Evernote and Wunderlist

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